Greg Lypowy grew up in Calgary, Alberta and started singing in high school with the Alberta Youth Choir. After finishing his studies in Computer Science and Classics at the University of Calgary, Greg’s travels took him to Vancouver, Toronto, and finally Halifax. A founding member of Calgary’s Ad Libitum Vocal Ensemble, Greg has also sung with the Chor Leoni Men’s Choir and the Vancouver Cantata Singers (Vancouver), and the Toronto Chamber Choir and Darbazi (Toronto). When he arrived in Halifax, he started singing with St. George’s Anglican Church choir, Incantatus and Novus. Greg joined Camerata in 2001 and is thrilled to be able to sing with such a distinguished ensemble. His most unique choral experience occurred in 2001 when he sang with Darbazi at the International Symposium of Georgian Polyphony in Tbilisi. No matter where he has lived, Greg has been fortunate to find a great choir that becomes a source of great times and great friends!