Board of Directors

The Halifax Camerata Singers is a not-for-profit society incorporated under the laws of the Province of Nova Scotia and is managed by a volunteer Board of Directors. The Board is responsible for the day-to-day activities of Camerata, including concert arrangements, grant applications, fundraising, publicity, contracts and public relations.

The society maintains close relationships with such organizations as Symphony Nova Scotia, the Nova Scotia Choral Federation, the Saint Cecilia Concert Society and Musique Royale, and with choirs and directors throughout the country.

Members of the 2017-18 Board of Directors are Lynne Kovan (President); Rand Weeks(Treasurer), Keely Wallace (Fundraising Chair), Gisela O’Briend (Secretary), Emma Baasch (Choir Representative), Amanda Zadeh (Choir Representative) , Jeff Joudrey (Artistic Director, Ex-Officio), Peggy Walt (General Manager, Ex-Officio), Bill Hart (Member at large) Rick Nason (Member at large), Blois Hennigar (Member at large)